PV1F-MC4 PV cable With Solar Connector

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS 30A Solar ConnectorShell Material: PP0 Insulation MaterialConnection Mode: Crimping TypeInner Core Material: Copper TinnedConnector Resistance: 1mProtection Grade: IP67Wiring Specification: 2.5/4/6mm²Working Current: ≤30mAOperating Temperature: -40℃~+90℃ PV1-F Solar PV CableSpecifications:2.5/4/6mm²Rated voltage: AC 0.6/1KV,DC1.5KVColor: Red / BlackFeature: Double insulation cover, TUV approvedConductor material: stranded tin-plated ~ 99.95% oxygen-free copperOuter Sheath: Halogen-free...


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30A Solar Connector
Shell Material: PP0 Insulation Material
Connection Mode: Crimping Type
Inner Core Material: Copper Tinned
Connector Resistance: 1m
Protection Grade: IP67
Wiring Specification: 2.5/4/6mm²
Working Current: ≤30mA
Operating Temperature: -40℃~+90℃

PV1-F Solar PV Cable
Rated voltage: AC 0.6/1KV,DC1.5KV
Color: Red / Black
Feature: Double insulation cover, TUV approved
Conductor material: stranded tin-plated ~ 99.95% oxygen-free copper
Outer Sheath: Halogen-free low-smoke polyolefin(XLPO)
Inner Insulation: Halogen-free low-smoke polyolefin(XLPO)
Service life: 25 years (-40 ℃ -90 ℃)
Application: Indoor and outdoor solar installations
Fire rating: UL94-V0
Seller declaration: This item is double-sheathed cable, which is not as soft as single-sheathed cable and silicone cable, please pay attention to the distinction

Model Safe Current (A) Safe current (A) Conductor cross section (mm²)
14 AWG 28 35*0.3 2.5
12 AWG 36 56*0.3 4
10 AWG 48 84*0.3 6

Conductor: Tin-plated high-purity oxygen-free copper, electrical performance and structure meet the requirements of ASTMB33 or ASTMB172
Insulation: Thermosetting environmental protection insulation material, generally black
Sheath: Thermosetting radiation-crosslinked polyvinyl chloride environmental protection UV-resistant sheath material

PV1-F2 2-Pins Solar Cable
Number of Pins: 2 Pins (Improvement of ordinary solar cable)
Product Specifications: 2.5/4/6mm²
Rated Voltage: AC 600/1000V, DC 1800V
Color: The sheath is all black, the inner insulation is red and black
Feature: Double Insulation Cover, Sun Resistant, TÜV Approved
Conductor Material: Stranded Tinned Oxygen-Free Copper
Insulation Material: Halogen Free Cross-Linked Polyolefin (XLPO)
Sheath Material: Halogen Free Cross-Linked Polyolefin (XLPO)
Rated Temperature: -40℃~+90℃
Application: Applied to photovoltaic power generation and solar system, as well as the interconnection of solar modules and electrical components, including the connection between solar panel modules and inverters (or batteries). Suitable for outdoor extreme environment, flame retardant, sun resistant, UV resistant and corrosion resistant.

Cable Type Cross-Section Safe Current Strand Design Conductor Diameter Max Conductor Resistance Outer Diameter Rated Voltage
(mm²) (A) No.xφ(mm) (mm) (Ω / km) (mm) AC/DC (V)
PV1-F2 2-Pins Solar Cable TÜV 2PfG/1169 2*2.5 28 50xφ0.25 2.0 8.06 5.40*10.90 1000/1800
2*4.0 36 56xφ0.30 2.6 4.97 6.20*12.50
2*6.0 48 84xφ0.30 3.3 3.52 7.10*14.30