Nov 2021

Tatami decoration, for many decoration users, is no longer unfamiliar. Tatami is frequently used in most small apartment spaces or smaller rooms, but many users still do not know the concept of tatami very well. What is tatami? Tatami originated from the Han Dynasty in ancient China and was widely used in Sui and Tang Dynasties, becoming the most basic family of aristocracy to civilianization, and this is also the case. At that time, it spread to Japan and Korea. After the evolution of the dynasty, the style of tatami is also constantly innovating and improving, so that modern tatami has many advantages and characteristics. Tatami is usually made of iris. No matter which season, it is very suitable. It can sleep on it or have leisure and entertainment. Most tatami designs are common in small houses, windowsills and balcony spaces.


Having said so many tatami, let's talk about the advantages of tatami.

1. Beautiful and creative appearance: generous and decent appearance, but also elegant and delicate, the design of the appearance of a combination of many simple and natural fashion elements, tatami bed design smooth lines, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling, highlighting the leisure charm of the bedroom.

2. Make full use of the space: We can design some storage cabinets at the bottom of the tatami. We can store the things we don't normally use in the tatami cabinet and make full use of the storage function in the space. It can also be designed into tables, beds, chairs, sofas and other furniture, to minimize the excess stacking of furniture.

3. Beneficial to the body: Tatami is moderately soft and hard in texture, which is not only beneficial to the skeletal development of children, but also beneficial to the physical recovery of the elderly. Therefore, it is favored by the vast number of consumers.

4. Multifunctional function: The greatest advantage of tatami bed is that it can be used flexibly. It can be used as a mattress as well as directly as as a bed. Today's tatami can design desks, wardrobes and bookcases above it. Making a tatami in the bedroom can be a multi-functional unit. When you want to read, it can be used as a study. When you come to your home, it can be used as a guest room. When you have friends or relatives at home, it can also be used as a place for leisure and entertainment.

5. Tatami decoration can be fully customized according to the needs of consumers, size and size can be arbitrarily fixed, but the more complex household space, the cost will be higher. Because of its multiple functions, it effectively improves the use of space and allows users to have more active space. For urban users, sitting on a soft sofa for a long time is not very good for the waist. Proper sitting on a tatami can ease down. In addition, it is very helpful for the growth of baby's skeleton, and it also improves the lumbar vertebral problems of old friends.