Nov 2021

The scope of products

1. Scope of application of multifunctional electric bed: It can help prevent and treat the three major complications of bedridden patients.

Second, the scope of application of hand shaker: general ward, and can adjust the height of the bed.

3. Scope of application for ordinary beds: general wards.

The multifunctional nursing bed is developed according to the pain of patients who have been bedridden for many years and the opinions of professors at major hospitals. It is designed for the special needs of patients who cannot take care of themselves, the disabled, paralyzed patients, and mothers. Nursing bed.

Functions include electric back-up and back-down functions, electric leg-curling and leg-flatting functions, leg-curving function, back-up anti-squeezing function, electric left-and-right side-turning function, two-step timing automatic side-turning function, electric bedpan lifting function, Sitting position anti-slip function, anti-slip function, wireless call, power storage function, shampoo function, foot wash function, emergency stop function, can eat and read the Internet and other daily activities.

The multi-functional nursing bed is based on the patient's long-term bed-riding pain, and adopts a unique bi-fold surface structure. The bed surface is a special cushion structure, which can be adjusted to a flat and horizontal space. State, with functions such as standing up, defecation (can be flushed and closed to reduce indoor odor) and other functional nursing beds. The nursing bed uses a unique design as a physiotherapy magnetic pad to play a health role, stimulate blood circulation, improve the level of care, and improve the quality of life of patients. , To solve a series of difficult nursing problems. The multifunctional nursing bed is no longer the exclusive product of the hospital. Now it also produces a nursing bed designed in a home style. It has gradually entered the family and played a great role in home care.

Mainly driven by electric actuator

1. Detachable multifunctional dining table, when you finish dining, you can remove the bottom of the push bed;

2. Equipped with a waterproof mattress, the liquid can not penetrate the surface layer and easy to wipe, keep the bed clean and hygienic for a long time, strong permeability, easy to clean and disinfect, no odor, comfortable and durable.

3. The stainless steel double-section infusion stand allows users to drip at home, which is more convenient for users and nursing staff.

4. Detachable bed head and foot end, convenient for nursing staff to wash hair, feet, massage and other daily care for users.

5. The wired remote control device can make you easily adjust the posture of the north and the feet. You can use the calling device in the wired remote control device to solve the user's urgent needs anytime, anywhere.