Nov 2021

In order to adapt to customers in different fields of civil, commercial, industrial, high security sensitive areas. With the humanized upgrading of technology, different customers have different traffic control, flow, time, and direction restrictions on urban traffic, central squares, pedestrian streets, designated closed areas, and corridor systems under different use environment conditions. Especially in today's world where the international anti-terrorism situation is becoming increasingly severe, electric lifting piles and roadblocks are flexible, easy to hide, automatically identify access levels, high-strength anti-collision, anti-destructive, short repair capabilities, hundreds of thousands of sub The continuous use has no failure rate, which truly meets the requirements of high security, high anti-terrorism and high intelligence in special and sensitive areas and buildings.

The structure is actually relatively simple. The inside is a structure where the motor and the electric push rod are directly connected inside the road pile. The outside is two layers of stainless steel sleeves. In order to increase the strength of the pile at the bottom, reinforced concrete, motor and push rod are usually cast Waterproof treatment is needed. The road pile should be exposed to the outdoor environment. It must withstand rain and water, and the speed of the road pile must be raised and lowered quickly. Generally, it should be able to fully rise within 2s to respond to some unexpected events, such as The vehicle passed by while driving, and some anti-terrorism emergencies. In addition, the road pile must ensure a certain rigidity and strength, and can withstand the impact of the vehicle when passing forward. Usually, the top of the road pile is also added with solar lighting or energy saving to increase the aesthetics of the road pile. In addition, the control system of the lifting pile is external and the control system is relatively simple.

Lift pile products have been widely used in major enterprises and institutions, governments, banks, commercial districts, toll gates, etc., and have been successfully applied in many cities across the country, and have been praised by customers. Moreover, lift piles have been used in some emergency situations The irreplaceable role, in the future life, I believe that the lifting pile will have a broad market and development opportunities, and our company's products can also play an important role in the application of this pile, and will also work with the lifting pile There are great opportunities for cooperation.